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    "Your wealth is protected along with your health"

    We believe that prevention is better than cure. GIB offers you as our client a free tool to find the right coverage for your family and business partners.

    Health Insurance requirements differ from country to country and everyone's individual needs that have to be met. Therefore at GIB we help you to identify the best options available and benefits that suits your budget.

    Benefits in Health Insurance that need to be addressed:

    1. 1. Geographical Area of Coverage (Worldwide, Regional or Local)
    2. 2. Limit of Cover (Sum Insured)
    3. 3. Hospitals in the Network
    4. 4. Benefits to suit your lifestyle

    Health Insurance provides access to high class medical health care 24/7. It also can be very stressful for the family therefore we help you as our clients to not be worried about having to pay the hospital bills while you spend time recovering from your ill health.

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